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Golf is a game of practice and learning, and the very best golfers are learning almost every hour of every day practicing their swing, approach, and also learning how to keep their temper under control when things aren’t going their way. Now, you don’t need to be on the golf course or at the driving range to practice and perfect your game, it can also be done at home through the marvelous convenience of the best putting mats, which recreate the conditions of the green in ways your backyard never could. They’re not just mats with holes on one end, they’re authentic, useful, and many are entirely customizable, to give you a little more if a challenge. It’s getting a tad cold to be practicing outside anyway, so what better way to solve this, than to bring the green to you. Here are our picks for the best putting mats to look our for.



Our pick for the very, absolute, undeniably best indoor putting green today, this year or ever (until, you know, next year, probably) is the ProAdvanced ProInfinity Putting Mat. It’s more than just a putting mat, while also being very much just a putting mat before we all get carried away. With a slim but long design, it boast 4-speed green technology that allows you to practice on a variety of Stimp readings, as well as providing customization so you can ensure you’re prepared for anything. Simply use the provided wedges to alter the course for an increased challenge and observe with clarity the direction of your strike with visible tracks after every swing. Be sure to also check out our list of the best golf putters for more great items like this.



Key Features:


20 inches x 10 feet

Brand: ProAdvanced

4-speed green technology

Model: ProAdvanced ProInfinity Putting Mat

25 training bands to perfect your control

Weight: 3.31 Pounds

Customizable green creation




Shot Tracking

The length may restrict use in some rooms

Actually enjoyable to use


Guides and games included

  • Dec 23, 2019
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