ProInfinity Putting Mat - 4 Speed Golf Green Simulator

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PREMIUM PICK among the 10 Best Putting Mats of 2021



  • WHAT’S NEW IN 2021 EDITION - Enhanced materials bring you more accurate speeds and longer durability than any other putting mat on the market. The 12 accessories help you create your own and unique Green in INFINITY ways! The newest 30 paged training book will guide you to the Pro level in the most professional and effective way.
    - The Single-Entry Metal Golf Goal adds extra directional control techniques.
    - Multi-angle Slope Simulators allow you to customize slopes in 5 precise angles.
    - 4 STIMP TESTED SPEEDS ranging from speed 8-12.5 on just one indoor putting green.
    - Analyze and correct your putting with VISIBLE BALL TRACES.
    - Perfect Your Alignment and Acceleration with BUILT-IN STROKE GUIDELINES.
  • PROFESSIONAL TRAINING - Perfect Your Distance and Direction Control on 25 Training Bands with full instructions.
  • COMPETITIVE & FUN - The most cost-effective solution for family and company parties or team building events. 7 single/multi-player game modes will help boost the party atmosphere and get everyone happily participated!
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY - Top Level Polyester Material and 100% Eco-friendly. The mat unrolls flat and rolls up smoothly all the time with long-lasting durability. The anti-slippery material on the bottom ensures stability in all kinds of floor conditions.
  • BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE - The only thing better than our product is our service (said by our customer). We provide great benefits for our clients, such as FREE new accessories, new training books, and videos. Our 24/7 service will surely guarantee your 100% satisfaction.
  • UNCOMPARABLE PRICE - With so many newly added features and lifelong services, we still keep the same low price for our customers because we believe that Golf is about the game of honor!

Whether you are a casual or a professional golfer, The PRO-INFINITY Putting Mat is the best solution for your Indoor/Outdoor putting practice. This advanced putting green provides 4 different putting speeds and 12 accessories for you to choose from. We also prepared a detailed training book which can guide you through all the professional training methods. The ball rolls true and leaves a trail on the mat which gives you INSTANT ACCURATE VISUAL FEEDBACK. With these advanced training exercises & games, you will have fun developing your short game so that you lower your golf scores and enjoy more success. Because we all know how good it feels when that ball gets into the hole.

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How does Pro-Infinity help you to win, lower your scores, and develop your skills?


      • 4 Different green speeds ---- Easily adjust putting mat for different Stimp speeds from 8 to 12.5. Help you adapt to any course environment.
      • Distance control ---- 25 Training Bands with Distance Mark and 45 Tee Points help you to make “precision-guided” putting.
      • Putt Tracer ---- Allows you to get immediate visual feedback of your golf ball.
      • Stroke Guide ---- Reference guide to ensure proper alignment, and help train an accelerating stoke.
      • Quality Materials and Construction ---- Produced with Top Level Degradable environmentally friendly materials, passed international quality inspection. 
Infinity Ways of Play ---- We provide up to 12 different accessories for you to build unlimited rules and games!


ProAdvancedSport was founded in 2010. It is an original brand initiated by a group of “Sport Geek” designers.  It specialized in sports training equipment market at first.  Now it has become a leading brand in the field of golf training equipment in North America and Western Europe, covering more than 4000 major retail stores among 30 countries.

  • 2010: After years of preparing, our first revolutionary products: Ready Net & ProReturn Training Net (Utility Patent) came into the world, their performance conquered the market. Most golf medias reported their debut. There are countless companies who want to copy, but none of them succeed.
  • 2012: We designed ProInfinity Putting Mat, which became HOT SALE immediately. Best selling putting mat in the world for 6 years.
  • 2013: We designed ProInstant Net. First-class pop-up soccer net worldwide. Still the best today.
  • 2014: Trials into the online market, our rangefinder design became best selling products on Amazon at the same year. Our sports cameras were supplied to huge amount of online stores in different countries. Barring accidents, they all reached best selling. It also concluded the No. 2 selling on the US market.
  • 2017: After two years of research with great concentration, we published our newest strategic level products:

 -ProMini Range 750! One of world’s smallest and lightest golf laser rangefinder. Top level accuracy to challenge the best Bushnell products! Amazing light-penetration RATE + extremely response speed. This product reached the 5th selling of Amazon us market for only half year.

-ProMini Winner 2in1! Unique Macro + Binoculars functions, the world’s lightest and smallest Pocket Binoculars, top-level optical system with none shrink quality.

-ProAuto Dispenser! Mechanical full metal semi-automatic AND the only full-automatic golf dispenser on the world.

  • 2018: We upgrade our rangefinder product to the next-generation model: ProMini Range 750+. Now it has a Slope Function and Continuous Measurement! Same accuracy! Also we have new package for ProInfinity Putting Mat, which was widely praised.


To this day, ProAdvancedSport remains a leader in the golf training equipment industry. We are committed not just to expanding the business to better serve our customers, but also to improving the communities we serve through our efforts to constantly improve what we do and how we do it, and through the impacts we're able to achieve through our partners. Through this daily dedication to our business and our customers, we wish to make contribution to the society.

ProInfinity Putting Mat - 4 Speed Golf Green Simulator