ProMini Range 750 - Laser Golf Rangefinder

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  • THE SMALLEST and LIGHTEST: Highly portable with elegant and fashionable look.
  • THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE RANGEFINDER on the market to provide you everything you need for golfing, hunting, bow hunting and other professional activities. The Flag Master Function and Speed Master Function fulfill your various demands.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Top Level Material. Long durability with a water and dust resistant shell, perfect for using under any conditions.
  • METAL BELT CLIP: One of the first rangefinders comes with belt clip. It can be securely attached to your belt or back pocket without affecting any of your movements.
  • EASY TO USE: Mode 1 is highly Optimized for golf usage. With the scan mode, you only need a few clicks on one button to easily get everything you need. Works perfectly with a shaky hand.
  • PINLOCK VIBRATION: A short vibration will be sent to your hand when the target is locked and provides full confidence to help you pick the correct club.
  • TOP ACCURACY LEVEL: It provides ±0.2yd accuracy (in 3-150yd) and ±0.5yd accuracy (in 150-750yd)! Perfect for measuring golf flags, hazards and wooded areas
  • AMAZING OPTICAL SYSTEM: With the latest multi-layer all-coated lenses and 6x magnification, it provides the greatest light transmissivity, contrast and clarity.
  • INCOMPARABLE PRICE & BEST SERVICE: Golf is about the game of honor! We keep the selling price low for our customers and provide 24/7 customer service to guarantee your 100% satisfaction. We are confident with our product and will provide a 2-year warranty. If you meet any quality issue with our product, we’ll directly send a new one or a full refund (which is optional).
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the air transportation policy, we have to wrap the Battery with a plastic film and put it inside the Ranger. You need to tear the film away before using the ranger.

ProMini Range 750 is by far the SMALLEST, LIGHTEST and EASIEST TO USE rangefinder on the market. We designed this product based on the feedback from thousands of professional golfers. The design goal of the ProMini Range750 is simple: When you use it, it provides exactly what you need. When you carry it, you feel almost nothing. It was a big hit on the PGA Merchandise 2017 (64th Annual American Golf Association Golf Show) and we have been continuing to upgrade its design and materials to make it even better than before.


Top-level Accuracy With PinLock Vibration Tech

The first thing you need from a good rangefinder is ACCURACY. ProMini Range 750 provides ±0.2Yd accurate (in 3-150Yd); ±0.5Yd accurate (in 150-750Yd) with 6x magnification. You won’t find any other rangefinder on the market that can exceed this accuracy level. It gives you exact distances to the flag making club selection simple and consistent, no more guesswork. To add even more confidence when you measure farther targets, PinLock Vibration Technology sends you reinforced feedback when the laser has locked onto the target!


Crystal Clear Vision and Amazing Optical System

The second thing you need to consider is to have a super clear VISION for your eyes. ProMini Range 750 incorporates the optical technology of Leica, Swarovski and other telescope products. By using the latest multi-layer all-coated lenses, the light transmissivity, contrast and clarity of ProMini Range 750 make its observation effect comparable with high-end binoculars. The diopter is adjustable for precise focus on display if you wear glasses.  


Superior Quality

Not only for golf, ProMini Range 750 was also designed to be widely used for hunting, racing, bird watching, shooting, climbing, engineering measurement, etc. We use top-level material to build its water and dust resistant shell to ensure the long durability and perfection for using it under any of these conditions. IPX-3 Class Water Resistant makes sure it can be used even during heavy rainy days.


The Smallest and Lightest Design

In order to make ProMini Range 750 easily fit into your pockets, It costs our design team more than 8 months to shrink the size and reduce the weight to the current level. It’s as small as an iPhone and even lighter than an iPhone. It won’t affect any of your professional movement. After measuring the distance, with the METAL BELT CLIP, you can easily attach it to your belt or pocket stably and continue making your perfect swing. Even the pickiest golfer gave us a thumbs-up after using it.


1-Class laser system

The product operates by sending invisible infrared energy pulses which is safe for your eyes (but not directly visible). Its built-in state-of-the-art digital processor and ASIC chip allow instant and accurate readings for every measurement. For each measurement, the ray will rapidly locate a target for several times, the data will be analyzed and finally shows the result of the nearest one, in order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results.


Best Service and TRUE Benefits For You

Golf is about the game of honor! Being confident in our product, we will provide you a 2-year warranty and a lifetime's support. If you meet any quality issues with our product, please contact us ASAP. We’ll directly send you a new one or a full refund (which is optional).

If you purchase ProMini Range 750 now, by contacting our customer service you can get an extra Phone Attacher or a battery pack for FREE. (For our existing customers, if you see this message, please contact us immediately to get this gift as well). 

  • Weights: 0.145kg/0.3lb/5.1oz
  • Range: 3~700Meter, or 3~750Yards.
  • Range Measuring Accuracy: ±0.5M.
  • Measuring Range of Speed: 20~300Km/h.
  • Laser type: 905nm (Class I laser).
  • Magnification: 6X.
  • Exit Pupil Diameter: 3.3mm.
  • Object Lens Size: 21mm.
  • Field Angle: 7.5°.
  • Battery: CR2-3V.
  • Dimensions: 89mmx37mmx73mm.
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C~50°C.

Including: Laser Rangefinder(1pcs), Carry Bag(1pcs), Lens Cloth(1pcs), Lithium Battery (CR2-3V), Box(1pcs), Operation Manual(1pcs), Two Year Warranty.


Belt Clip

With belt clip, you can put it at anywhere you like

ProAdvancedSport was founded in 2010. It is an original brand initiated by a group of “Sport Geek” designers.  It specialized in sports training equipment market at first.  Now it has become a leading brand in the field of golf training equipment in North America and Western Europe, covering more than 4000 major retail stores among 30 countries.

  • 2010: After years of preparing, our first revolutionary products: Ready Net & ProReturn Training Net (Utility Patent) came into the world, their performance conquered the market. Most golf medias reported their debut. There are countless companies who want to copy, but none of them succeed.
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  • 2014: Trials into the online market, our rangefinder design became best selling products on Amazon at the same year. Our sports cameras were supplied to huge amount of online stores in different countries. Barring accidents, they all reached best selling. It also concluded the No. 2 selling on the US market.
  • 2017: After two years of research with great concentration, we published our newest strategic level products:

 -ProMini Range 750! One of world’s smallest and lightest golf laser rangefinder. Top level accuracy to challenge the best Bushnell products! Amazing light-penetration RATE + extremely response speed. This product reached the 5th selling of Amazon us market for only half year.

-ProMini Winner 2in1! Unique Macro + Binoculars functions, the world’s lightest and smallest Pocket Binoculars, top-level optical system with none shrink quality.

-ProAuto Dispenser! Mechanical full metal semi-automatic AND the only full-automatic golf dispenser on the world.

  • 2018: We upgrade our rangefinder product to the next-generation model: ProMini Range 750+. Now it has a Slope Function and Continuous Measurement! Same accuracy! Also we have new package for ProInfinity Putting Mat, which was widely praised.


To this day, ProAdvancedSport remains a leader in the golf training equipment industry. We are committed not just to expanding the business to better serve our customers, but also to improving the communities we serve through our efforts to constantly improve what we do and how we do it, and through the impacts we're able to achieve through our partners. Through this daily dedication to our business and our customers, we wish to make contribution to the society.

ProMini Range 750 - Laser Golf Rangefinder