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ProAdvanced Golf Nets

Unless you are Donald Trump, it is almost impossible to go to golf courses whenever we want to practice. The hassle to pack our gears and drive kilometers is daunting enough, not mentioning the cost associated. The perfect solution is to buy a practice net that can be easily installed and put away. ProAdvanced golf nets suffice this need and offer a healthy mix of the size-quality-price equilibrium.

ProAdvanced has two most prominent products, Pro Return x2 and ProChipping, both of which fall into the category of folding golf net. In comparison to the sturdy cage type that is better semi-permanently set up in one’s backyard, folding golf nets are more mobile since they could spring up and be folded down into their bags within seconds. Buyers should be conscious that this feature compromises the size and the net quality to a certain extent, but its portability means that you could horn your swings anywhere, be it the garage, the park, the beach or your living room. Read our ProAdvanced golf net review below to find out what works for you!

1 ProAdvanced Pro Return X2 Golf Net

Ease of use

The best feature of Pro Return X2 Golf Net is its ease of assembly. In less than 10 seconds, the net can pop up into a two-meter-tall frame. Also, there is no loose part, so all of this would fit into a flat round portable case.

One of the most popular problems that many users face when using ProReturn, however, lies within the disassembly. Despite instructional videos, paper tutorial, a guideline red thread attached to the product, there are complaints about the time and effort needed to fold back the net.

On the one hand, it might be the fault of ProAdvanced that their product is not customer-friendly enough. On the other hand, there are users who believe Pro Return X2 does deliver its promises, and it is just the users who have not done it right. A tip from an experienced user is not to create too steep a curve by grasping the center of the bottom frame, but rather to grasp at places halfway from the center to the edge to create a softer curve. This would probably save many from twisting the exoskeleton and wreck the product.


ProAdvanced Pro Return X2 Golf Net is small enough when folded, and big enough when popped up. The triangle shape allows easy and firm setup, but since the frame is smaller towards the top, golfers who have not gained control of their hedges might want to clear their fragile furniture.


X2 means there are two inner nets. The first Pro Return prototype underwent the problem of unstable quality, so this new version offers a more secure netting. They also sell replaceable net for $29. Their rival product Rukk Net is around 50 dollars more expensive but has four inner nets and one outer net. It is up to the golfers’ budget and needs to make their final decision. Still, for folding golf nets, mock balls are the better option for the sake of practice and the longevity of the net. As long as you are sticking with mock golf balls, Pro Return X2 Golf Net would stay with you for a good while.

2 Ball Return Function

<strong><b>Ball Return Function</b></strong>

If you don’t want to use a bucket, and would rather use one ball instead, then this function is very helpful. The probability of ball return is higher on a hard surface and decreases if used on grass. The nets absorb a considerable amount of impact enough for the ball to softly roll back to the golfer. It might not necessarily come back to the starting point, and you will need to use your club to lead it back, but it is still more convenient than to run and pick up the balls.


3 The Chipping Golf Hitting Net

<strong><b>The Chipping Golf Hitting Net</b></strong>

At an affordable price, ProAdvanced The Chipping Golf Hitting Net is a pop-up net that is light to carry around and easy to use. Basically, it gets the job done. You could practice chipping anywhere. There is a target sign to improve the accuracy of aims. The net could hold around 20 balls, a fair amount to practice without much interruption. One small notice is that, since the weight of the net is quite light, the company recommends users to put a magazine into a slot at the bottom for better stability.

ProAdvanced is on the right track with their folding golf net products. The value that both Pro Return x2 and ProChipping create are reasonable with regards to their price in the market. They would make fair investments for the moment, but we also expect better prototypes in the future with improvements in durability and usability. Their customer service is very responsive, so such a future would not be far.

  • Apr 27, 2020
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